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Daily Photoblog
A new photograph will be posted here every week. Some photographs have been taken a day ago and some have been taken a couple of months or even years ago.
Most common categories are (abstract) architecture, cityscapes, landscapes. Most of the photographs are taken in Holland, some others during holidays in other European countries.

Before this photoblog Laurens Kuipers ran a similar photoblog, which ran for more than 4 years. The main reason for a new start is to create an online-archive with better photographs.

Laurens Kuipers
Laurens Kuipers is a photographer specialized in architecture. Most of his clients are architects, building companies, developers, consultants and governments. For a link to his professional portfolio see the bottom of the page. To share his work with the rest of the world he will post images on this photoblog. Laurens lives in The Netherlands in the city Enschede.

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His style of photography could be described as graphic and abstract with lots of attention for lines, but he tries to take into account as much as possible with atmosphere and experience by using living or moving objects like people and traffic.